Develop impressive apps, games, ...

on PC, MAC, Smartphones,...

without any coding experience!


Create and Publish any app, game or website 

you can dream up, super fast.

Install AOZ Studio, type:

Print "Hello World"

And voila, you are now a programmer!


We created AOZ Studio with a mission, to help Kids and grown-ups understand, learn, create and publish. 

Our goal is that everyone can start from scratch. We want you to create your first  program in 15 minutes.


Build your applications, games or web sites thanks to the AOZ very simple and efficient BASIC langage. Learn easily, step by step.


The AOZ extended Basic langage is converted in a fast effective portable  Javascript and HTML5 code.

Cross Platform

Your AOZ applications can run in a browser, or as a native executable on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, on any computer, smartphones...


AOZ is the "future". Easy programming made so kids from 10yo can start. With a simple syntax, the power of objects and parallel processing.


AOZ applications will be able to interface with all the modern node.js and Javascript libraries.


Create your very own set of instructions or extensions, interface to the cloud. The world at your fingertips...

Open Source

AOZ and AOZ Studio are free and open source. The AOZ transpiler is supplied with a pay licence.

Free Distribution

Download AOZ Studio and create an unlimited number of projects. We will not ask for any royalties.


"We develop with AOZ.Studio an innovative range of training software. Thanks to the efficiency of the tool, the agility and responsiveness of the team, we were able to develop unique edutainment tools much faster.

Loreal places a great deal of importance on the quality of its recruitment, on supporting its talents, on its values, and is continuously looking for the most promising startups to support it."

Pascale Mahé

Director of Integration, new Corporate Employees. Human Resources



To display a text and move an image with the Joystick


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