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33 years in a making!


STOS and AMOS revolutionary languages are created by Francois Lionet.

Both are huge success all around the World.


The Atari and Amiga computers became legends... Our mission remains unchanged: to provide a fantastic creative tool that is so user-friendly, even a child can use it.

So many years later, by the end of 2020, AOZ Studio was born.

By 2022, version 1 had been launched and was being used by thousands of users, including schools and associations.


AI has transformed how we communicate with computers and the digital world. A totally new way of creating apps... is now possible. Sept. 2024, we are excited to introduce AOZ Studio AI.

AOZ Studio team

AOZ Studio wants to participate in the fight against illiteracy and cyberaddiction, and by its actions to help the most creative, the less "scholastic", the most disadvantaged, women who are under-represented in digital.

The main contribution of our company is the AOZ language and its AOZ Studio creation tool:
• which is, and will remain Open Source (excluding the transpiler).
• which is, and will remain, free for people and organizations working for the training of children, people with disabilities, in reintegration or away from employment, and for women in digital technology.
• we will always provide free courses for schools, children and adults in difficulty (contact us).

AOZ Studio is a company with a mission

Thank you to all the backers on Patreon!

Without you, nothing would have been possible...

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