Note: You do not need to read the following to begin making your first program.



How to create AOZ programs

AOZ Studio, that you can download here, is the set of tools or IDE (which stands for: Integrated Development Environment) to help you program in the AOZ language.

Available for Windows 7-10, MacOS and Linux.

  • We recommend 4Gb memory, graphic card with 1920 x 1080 and sound.

  • Internet connection is recommended yet not necessary.


How AOZ Studio works?

AOZ Studio is easy to install and to use, for you to you create great games and applications.

  • Your programs are created in the AOZ BASIC language and converted by AOZ Studio in fast HTML5/Javascript applications, that can be run on any platform.

  • Conversion is made by the "Smart transpiler" that only works on the modified elements, ensuring an ultra-fast development cycle.

  • Automatic report of the errors, with quick navigation from one error to another.

  • Compatible with the original AMOS and STOS (all-in-one-file applications in a modern structure, with each element of the game as an individual file, and the source code in text form).

AOZ language specifications

  • Simple yet powerful and structured Basic language syntax, with procedures, functions and later real object-orientation, promises, contexts etc. and no unnecessary cluster.

  • Enhanced and improved instructions, sounds/music, database, graphics with rotations, zoom, skew options of sprites, bobs and screens, unlimited number of screens, transparent screens for parallax scrolling, colour remapping etc.

  • Easy inclusion of Javascript code within the Basic code itself within curly brackets, with simple access to the Basic variables and communication between the two languages.

  • Define your very own instructions and functions with the “Instruction” and “Function” keywords (Program the language with the language.)​

  • Pre-processor tags to switch on or off certain parts of the code.

  • Support of AMAL, the interrupt-driven animation sub-language with a second smaller transpiler included.

  • Installation of extensions, no need of any declaration or inclusion in the code.

  • Open-source language definitions and runtimes available on Github.

  • 700 Instructions set, available here

  • Save App/game data in the Browser (for leaderboards etc) as a normal file.

  • Full support of modern joysticks and input devices.​

Games and applications produced with AOZ Studio

  • HTML applications produced with AOZ Studio run in Chrome and compatible browsers. and as applications for windows, Smartphones.

  • HTML applications do not need a web server to run and work even without an Internet connection.

  • Automatic frame synchronization for perfect display.

  • Automatic adaptation to the dimensions of the screen for mobile devices. (v1.0)

  • Included text mode with text scrolling and cursor, simple data output and input with Print and Input instructions.

  • Modern graphical modes in full color up to 4K resolutions.

  • Palette based graphical modes with thousands of colors allowing new kind of graphical effects

  • Interrupt driven colour animations with cycling, fading, enhanced rainbows etc.

  • Simple support of 3D with dedicated instructions, including shaders in later versions through the Three.js library.

  • Enhanced modern sound mode with 32 channels and samples at the same time etc.

  • Support of videos files or links integrated within the game itself.

  • Load of many image file formats, new or old, IFF, PCX, PNG, JPG etc.

  • Complete support of Google Fonts even without an Internet connection, fonts being included in the application.

  • etc,etc...

For the AMOS and STOS developers...

  • Full support of the original AMOS instructions (not relevant instructions for modern machines having simply no effect.)

  • Full support of the original STOS instructions to a possible extend of STOS Basic, including line numbers (Q4 2020).

  • Perfect emulation of the screen of the Amiga screen display in both normal and AGA mode, with PAL and NTSC emulation, full screen with or without black bars. 

  • Complete support of the original Amiga fonts with anti-aliasing.

  • Support of tracker musics from the Amiga and Atari ST.

  • Machine emulation from Amiga 500 to Amiga 1200, with speed regulation to reproduce as best as possible the original speed of non-regulated games.

  • Emulation of Amiga DOS with DF0, DF1, DH2 etc. drives ensuring perfect compatibility of games and applications which use them, working even offline.

Scheduled for later…

  • Complete integrated modern IDE with very fast development cycle and innovative teamwork features.

  • Easy creation of dialog boxes and user interfaces.

  • Set of accessories to draw and animate the sprites, draw images, make music, edit sounds etc.

  • AI-driven character behaviors.

  • Multiple active renderers at the same time allowing the applications to be displayed in both 2D and 3D simultaneously, AR, VR, Facebook-like 2.5D.

  • Automatic movement and animation of objects in both 2D and 3D.

  • 2D and 3D physical engine allowing realistic games. 

  • 3D positional sounds.

  • Sound filters, reverb, effects etc.

  • Adaptive music that follows the ambiance and action of the game.

  • Easy integration of Leaderboards and Achievements systems.

  • Easy to implement in-game advertising and in-game monetization.

  • AOZ App Store to help you publish and make money with your applications.

  • WebRTC-based multi-player games without the need of a server up to 10 players simultaneously and automatic synchronisation of game objects between the players.

  • Integrated support of GIT.

  • Multi-language text resources for translated games or applications.
  • Tensorflow objects for easy AI experimenting and/or integration.

  • Packaged node.js code that can later be used in professional projects.

  • Access databases in SQL, create servers, make utilities.

  • Integration of Google REST APIs in the form of extensions and objects, call Google Translate with only one “Translate” instruction.

  • Support of modern interfaces systems like REACT.

  • Export to C#, C++, Swift etc. capable of exporting the same AOZ application to multiple languages.

  • Export to Unity and Unreal game-engines.


 Lot of work ahead of us...  Thanks for your support.

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