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AOZ Studio, is a modern, very easy to use, all in one platform with an IDE (which stands for: Integrated Development Environment) to help you program in the AOZ language.

Available for Windows 10/11, MacOS and Linux.

  • We recommend 4Gb memory, graphic card with 1920 x 1080 and sound.

  • Internet connection is recommended yet not necessary.


How AOZ Studio works?

AOZ Studio is easy to install and to use, for you to you create great games and applications.

  • Your programs are created in the AOZ BASIC language and converted by AOZ Studio in fast HTML5/Javascript applications, that can be run on any platform. HTML applications produced with AOZ Studio run in Chrome and compatible browsers. and in V2 as applications for windows, Mac, Smartphones.

  • Conversion is made by the "Smart transpiler" that only works on the modified elements, ensuring an ultra-fast development cycle.

  • Automatic report of the errors, AOZ Viewer for development assistance...

  • AOZ Console, AOZ debugger included

  • Compatible with the original AMOS (in V2 STOS), and more devices/OS to come such as Robots, electronic cards, Arduino.

AOZ language specifications

  • Simple, yet very powerful and structured Basic language syntax, with procedures, functions and real object-orientation.

  • Enhanced and improved instructions, animations, 2D, 3D, video, sounds/music, database, graphics with rotations, zoom, skew options of sprites, bobs and screens, unlimited number of screens, transparent screens for parallax scrolling, colour remapping etc.

  • Easy inclusion of Javascript code within the Basic code itself within curly brackets, with simple access to the Basic variables and communication between the two languages.

  • Define your very own instructions and functions with the “Instruction” and “Function” keywords (Program the language with the language.)​

  • Pre-processor tags to switch on or off certain parts of the code.

  • Support of AMAL, the interrupt-driven animation sub-language.

  • Installation of extensions, no need of any declaration or inclusion in the code.

  • Open-source language definitions and runtimes available on Github.

  • 1000 Instructions set, available here (former version, see the integrated doc for up to date)

  • Save App/game data in the Browser (for leaderboards etc) as a normal file.

  • Databases with very easy SQL instruction set and configuration, hosting,..., Firebase,...

  • Publish your app in "1 click" and share the URL or QR Code on smartphones, computers,...

  • Full support of joysticks, mouses, touch screens and input devices.​ QR Code, voice recognition.

Games and applications produced with AOZ Studio

  • 2D, 3D engine with physics and compatibility with UNITY (V1.1)

  • HTML applications do not need a web server to run and work even without an Internet connection.

  • Automatic frame synchronization for perfect display.

  • Automatic adaptation to the dimensions of the screen for mobile devices.

  • Very rich graphical instructions set as well as text mode.

  • Modern graphical modes in full color.

  • True color and palette based graphical modes with thousands of colors allowing new kind of graphical effects

  • Interrupt driven colour animations with cycling, fading, enhanced rainbows etc.

  • Enhanced modern sound mode with 32 channels and samples at the same time etc.

  • Easy creation of dialog boxes and user interfaces.

  • Support of videos files or links integrated within the game itself.

  • Load of many image file formats, new or old, IFF, PCX, PNG, JPG etc.

  • Complete support of Google Fonts even without an Internet connection, fonts being included in the application.

  • etc,etc...

For the AMOS and STOS developers...

  • Full support of the original AMOS instructions (not relevant instructions for modern machines having simply no effect.)

  • Full support of the original STOS instructions to a possible extend of STOS Basic, including line numbers (2023).

  • Perfect emulation of the screen of the Amiga screen display in both normal and AGA mode, with PAL and NTSC emulation, full screen with or without black bars. 

  • Complete support of the original Amiga fonts with anti-aliasing.

  • Support of tracker musics from the Amiga and Atari ST.

  • Machine emulation from Amiga 500 to Amiga 1200, with speed regulation to reproduce as best as possible the original speed of non-regulated games.

  • Emulation of Amiga DOS with DF0, DF1, DH2 etc. drives ensuring perfect compatibility of games and applications which use them, working even offline.

Scheduled for later…

  • Export to Native Apps for Win/Mac, Android, IOS.

  • Online IDE

  • Improved UI Designer

  • More Database features

  • Set of accessories to draw and animate the sprites, draw images, make music, edit sounds etc.

  • AI-driven character behaviors.

  • Multiple active renderers at the same time allowing the applications to be displayed in both 2D and 3D simultaneously, AR, VR, Facebook-like 2.5D.

  • Automatic movement and animation of objects in both 2D and 3D.

  • 3D positional sounds.

  • Sound filters, reverb, effects etc.

  • Adaptive music that follows the ambiance and action of the game.

  • Easy integration of Leaderboards and Achievements systems.

  • Easy to implement in-game advertising and in-game monetization.

  • AOZ App Store to help you publish and make money with your applications.

  • WebRTC-based multi-player games without the need of a server up to 10 players simultaneously and automatic synchronisation of game objects between the players.

  • Integrated support of GIT.

  • Multi-language text resources for translated games or applications.
  • Tensorflow objects for easy AI experimenting and/or integration.

  • Packaged node.js code that can later be used in professional projects.

  • Access databases in SQL, create servers, make utilities.

  • Integration of Google REST APIs in the form of extensions and objects, call Google Translate with only one “Translate” instruction.

  • Support of modern interfaces systems like REACT.

  • Export to Unreal game-engines.


 Lot of work ahead of us...  Thanks for your support.

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