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 Available on Windows, Linux, PC &  MAC. 

With AOZ Studio you can create as many programs as you wish, on any supported devices*, with:
  • A Free complete version: for personal use (no support).
  • A Paid version: 1 year licence $99€, or $9€/Month, to distribute any program you have created (no royalties**).
* MAC and PC Computers , Smartphones, on major Web Browsers.  Later Android & IOS Apps, Rasperry Pi 400, Unity
**With the Paid licence you can create and distribute as many programs created with AOZ Studio as you wish, for free or for money, without paying royalties to AOZ Studio.
AOZ Studio for non profit kids organizations and schools: please contact us.
AOZ studio is provided -as is- under a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence. AOZ Studio is not responsible for any third party utilization of AOZ Studio or AOZ, nor for any loss of opportunities or revenues.
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